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Partner share everything. Knowledge and Experience too.

Having the very latest equipment is one thing. Being able to make full use it, reliably and safely, is quite another. That’s why we don’t just sell our customers vehicles and appliances; but we also train them in additional skills and competences.


For us, it's not the Technology which is the Focus of Attention, but the Person who is using it: You.

As a platform from which knowledge is spread, abilities are extended and skills are trained, the IVECO MAGIRUS Fire Fighter Academy offers our customers a real bonus. While the VIP block is generally directed at the needs of senior members of the fire brigade, the basic block training is effectively a basic training course for all fire brigade personnel. It includes:


Real fire training – Hot & fire training
Based on practice in a gas-fired heat acclimatisation unit, participants are confronted in three solid-fuelled fire containers with real conditions where temperature and sight conditions correspond exactly with those faced in a real room fire. An extreme challenge! These are some of the aspects also addressed:

  • correct and safe action under heat stress
  • evaluation and assessment of dangerous situations
  • how to handle branch pipes correctly
  • becoming accustomed to heat
  • penetrating and working in rooms under realistic temperature and sight conditions
  • correct and safe penetration of rooms on fire.

Based on the Hot & Fire basic training, the courses “Flashover”, “Self- and colleague rescue” and “Intensive” can also be booked.


On-the-spot training in turntable ladder tactics
MAGIRUS turntable ladder skills – first-hand. These training courses are run on the spot at the respective fire brigades, using their own vehicles – and you can’t get much closer to reality and efficiency than that.
Training includes the following elements:

  • operating a turntable ladder in service
  • possibilities for their use and their limitations
  • evaluation and assessment in accordance with tactical service requirements
  • emergency operation.


Driver safety training
Since fire brigade drivers seldom have the chance in regular training to practise extreme situations with their vehicles, they get this opportunity with us. In road and 4-WD training, participants can test out the limits of man and machine without danger, gaining in experience and self-confidence.


Technology training courses
We train you and your team in safe, error-free operation of your IVECO MAGIRUS vehicles and equipment. You will benefit from the manufacturer’s inside knowledge.
Technology training courses are also offered for:

  • turntable ladders with CS technology
  • turntable ladders with CC technology
  • fire tenders AluFire 2 + portable fire-pumps
  • fire tenders AluFire 3 + portable fire-pumps
  • foam proportioning systems.  


Training also covers:

  • safe and error-free operation
  • acquisition of precise functional knowledge carrying out of maintenance work
  • procedures for methodical troubleshooting
  • correction of minor malfunctions.

The Academy is an offer made by us to our customers – but it is by no means a one-way street. We also see ourselves in the role of learners. Our aim is to use the academy and its long-standing dialogue as a foundation for gaining pragmatic suggestions and constructive criticism to enable us to develop and construct even better products in the future.

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