Ideas for the building a kitchen island

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My wife says a kitchen island is a must have addition since she loves to cook and bake. It not only acts as the focal point for the kitchen but also creates additional storage and countertop space. Since kitchen islands are accessible from all sides they increase kitchen functionality and make it easy for anyone to work in the kitchen. Kitchen islands are awesome during breakfast where they can be used as a bar.

We have been thinking of building a new kitchen island or replacing the current one, however there are certain considerations we had to make to ensure we successfully installed the kitchen island. We would like to share some of the great ideas we had to consider to help us get the most out of our kitchen island:
• Main Function
To begin with, you must identify the key function of the kitchen island in your kitchen. Consider the main use of the island whether it is for preparing food or for sitting and dining. For our family the kitchen island is the perfect spot for family and guests to congregate around the kitchen. Ensure the design of the kitchen island suits its main function.
• To Install a sink or notkitchen-island-design
According to this SF maid company installing a sink in the island increases the functionality of the kitchen and makes working in the kitchen easier for some people. You have to plan for plumbing and garbage disposal in the space below the island. For those mostly interested in extra counter space then there is no need including sinks or other appliances on the kitchen island.
• Electrical Outlets
Planning for electrical plugs in the kitchen island will prove to be quite useful. It appears the kitchen can always to do with extra electrical outlets. Having multiple electrical outlets to select from in the kitchen improves both functionality and convenience. Discuss with a professional electrician on the electrical plan for the kitchen island electrical outlets prior to the installation of the island.
• Additional Storagekitchen island drawers
Among the key benefits of installing a kitchen island is increased storage space. There are ingenious ways of incorporating storage spaces into the kitchen island such as creatively designed island drawers and cabinets for storing tiny kitchen appliances. The kitchen island being well linked to other sections of your home is ideal for storing any other items that are not necessarily meant for the kitchen.
• Island Lighting
Plan adequately for lighting the kitchen island based on the function. If you intend to use the kitchen island as a workspace, then you must ensure that there is proper lighting to illuminate the areas you be preparing and cooking food. Lighting the kitchen could also mean modifying the way the entire kitchen is lit.

I am glad to see my wife happy with our new kitchen island!

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Renovating the Bathroom – The Right Way!

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bathroom-repai-editrOne fine day, my wife woke me up from deep slumber and bothered me no end about a bathroom fitting that she was very worried about and wanted it fixed as soon as possible.

Believe me, I would have done that immediately, but the only problem was that she said this at 2 a.m. Anyway, post this incident, when I checked it out, I realized that the problem was much more grave than just a bathroom fitting.

In lieu of which, I had to take the decision to renovate the entire bathroom as the pipes had worn out and needed serious repair of sorts, hence I decided that I would take up this assignment, starting from taking rounds of various stores to purchase the cheapest yet the best quality, pipes, tiles and other fittings.

I also decided to give a new look to the house, such that the tiles are of a pastel color and even the bath has an independent rain shower and other such amenities.  Once, everything was in order, it was only a matter of time, before I had to shut down the water supply, apply cement and fix the tiles and all the other fittings.

The entire ordeal took me around 3 days, post which the bathroom had to be cleaned up as well and also be polished for a better look.

If you would like my advice, I would say that first and foremost, analyze the situation and judge if you would be in need of some kind of professional help, then you can look for the right fittings, tiles and cement materials. Also, keep in mind the kind of equipment that you would need, since my neighbor is a plumber, I had easy access to the tools of the trade.

Another tip, the wife will be extremely impressed and it may just lead to a very scrumptious meal after. Hope you guys will try this out and if you need any kind of help, please feel free to contact me or even share your views in the comments below!

See you!

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DIY : Furniture

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Love the fresh air?

Love spending evenings out in the garden with some tea?

Well, I have the right solution for you.

DIY FurnitureRecently, I had gotten interested by carpenting, not as a profession choice but actually something one could incorporate in one’s home.

We all drop into IKEA for the smallest of things that sometimes do cost a bomb. Hence, after a lot of research and consulting, I can safely say that you can actually design small sized furniture and get it made for half the cost!

For example. My wife and I wanted to put in a patio in the garden, with a small table and a couch that could be removable. Though we searched online and a lot of retail stores, we didn’t really fall in love with any of those designs.

After a long time, we decided to give it a try ourselves in actually designing the piece and finding the right person to make it a dream come true.

It actually turned out to be extremely simple, for the fact that the carpenter that we approached, was extremely flexible and after making a few changes to our design, helped us choose the right wood and glass that we would need and assured us that he would make it happen in less than 4 days.

And it’s suffice to say, we were pleasantly surprised, because t turned out to be better than we expected it to be.

If you are one of those who is dying to design furniture for your own home, even as a experience, my personal bet is you should go for it, because its only a myth that it would cost a lot more, because sometimes it may just turn out to be a lot cheaper.

Also, if you are any dilemma, consult somebody or even list it down in the comments below and I will try to get back to you with some constructive feedback and maybe become a small part of your dream home!

Hope you guys have been keeping well!

See ya!

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Why should we clean up?

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Hey Hi!

Welcome back!

I am here again with another home improvement experience which I recently encountered when the wife and I, moved out of our home to shift to another locality with a large space and a better fitted garden and community.

Anyway, back to the problem.

vacuum-editSo, when we were moving out and actually when moving in, we faced the problem of cleaning up the house, and let me warn you, it’s quite a task in itself, which we ourselves hadn’t anticipated. This is because; there has been so much of dust and other such dirt, which gets accumulated behind furniture, or the curtains or even the walls.

Since, its more than courtesy, we wanted to leave the house in the condition we had habituated it in, hence we agreed on common ground that it would be impossible to actually do it by ourselves or even call upon our friends for this. Hence, we decided to hire a maid from a professional residential cleaning service who could help us out in the old as well as new home.

It turned out to be a not so costly affair, because we felt that for the amount that we paid, it was well worth the result. The maid, Anisha came in to help us early in the morning, after the packers had already finished their job the previous night. We had kept some detergent and other house supplies ready at hand, and we all got to work once she walked in.

Lo Behold, it took us almost half the day trying to scrub the entire place clean and be able to do the same in the new home, and I think at one point we promised ourselves to always keep the house in a better condition and its then that we realized how much dirt we actually had lived in.

The entire ordeal cost us around 70 dollars, including the house supplies and the hourly rate of 10 dollars for the maid. I think we managed it pretty well in comparison to the amount of work that we actually had piled up. No kidding you guys, if you are moving out or moving in, make sure you do get professional help for the same, because they know how to get the job done, that also in a spick and span manner.

Having said that, hope you guys are enjoying these small percepts of our journey through various challenges and problems that we have been facing in the new home!

Until next time! If you haven’t yet check out our last post on installing lighting!

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Lighting it up!

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Until last year, I was of the opinion that lights don’t really matter in any property per se, but I stand corrected because my good friend Daniel, who is also an electrician, showed me the positives of actually using lights to my best possible advantage.

Lighting it upThe home we are going to move into, has just come into a phase wherein the electrical needs to be run, and such decisions have to be made, for which I had called upon my friend to help me out not only on a personal level but also a professional one. I was of the complete opinion of installing lights that are basic and useful for the household.

But, he convinced me nonetheless. He showcased some of his best work, especially with how he worked sunlight into solar power cells and used on that energy to power the rest of the house during the night. My wife and I have been huge environmental friendly buffs, and always keep trying new ways to save energy and this idea sounded perfect to us!

But, keeping the aesthetic appeal in mind, we had him install lights which were not only yellow and white but also had sensor panels wherein you could manipulate the settings according to your mood, and also had lights installed which would switch on the moment you would walk into the room or switch off when you would exit.

Once these decisions had bee made, the electrical had to be installed for the heavy equipment’s, such as the refrigerator and air conditioner as well. For the same, Daniel suggested we should install an inverter, which would help control the flow of electricity and also assist in saving power over a long period of time.

Anyway, if you would like some tips from this, I would suggest that you should never try to do this on your own, always hire a professional because they are trained for these kinds of things. Also, keep in mind that these changes can run up a huge bill and hence be varying of what you are getting into, and always choose the best option available.

And, please also try to be environmental friendly even if its going to cost a little bit extra, because that can go a long way in helping us sustain an environment fit enough for our future generations.

Go Sustainable Living!

See you soon! If you like this check out our post on FAQ’s when doing home improvements!

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4 things you can do to make your home a better place to live in!

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Hi again !

Today’s post is going to be a very general post, which is though taken very easily, is extremely important for the daily life. Especially in terms of hygiene and daily maintenance of the home.

Today, I am going to address the need for maintaining your house, the right way. The small things that you could do to make it beautiful and only increase its essence day by day.

cleaning-house-editLet’s have a look:

  1. Vacuum Regularly!

Yes, it seems something so irrelevant, but beware you guys, many of us tend to forget that we need to do this often, and if we don’t, it may actually lead to a lot of diseases caused because of fungus and bacteria.

  1. Air Freshener!

Invest in a good quality air freshener system, not the spray kinds, because that is also forgotten often. Hence, it’s important to invest in an automatic system that would spray perfume automatically for a set duration of time.  After all, a happy house is one, which smells like heaven!

  1. Floor Mats

That seems so irrelevant, but believe me, it sometimes turns out to be a lifesaver, when you come out of the bathroom with wet feet, or even enter the home with dirty ones. It’s handy to clean up spilled liquids and you can even use it to beautify the house here and there!

  1. Flowers

Again on the smell factor, because it’s such an important factor, don’t you feel so? Plus flowers just uplift the vibe of the house and also bring such a genuine smile to the visitors. If you feel, that’s a costly affair, buy some potpourri and spread it across in various rooms of the house.

Those were some of the tips that I try to follow to maintain my house, not just for the visitors for also my own peace and satisfaction.

If you would like to see such posts in the future, leave your comments below!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lets talk – FAQ’s

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So, due to popular request from many, I have decided to do a short question and answer round on this blog post, compiling all the popular doubts and queries many have when it comes to home improvement!

  1. Is it important for me to constantly find ways to improve my home?

No, it is not important or compulsory for that matter, but I would recommend it for the fact that, after all you are the one residing in it, and when you find ways to make it your own, is when you have a truly enjoyable experience and are able to make memories that will be embedded forever?

  1. How do I begin?

how?It’s pretty simple. Just like when you want to start anything, start researching about some of the different things that you can change in your home, it may just be the potpourri, but it’s a start. Browse through this site for more ideas and well it will just be a journey then!

  1. Is it cheap?

Believe me when I say this, it turns out to be very cheap, and more than that it also provides you with some self satisfaction of having done things on your own which you can be proud of and actually if you are interested make a career out of it.

  1. Which stores to visit?

Usually any local supply store would do you good, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always approach eBay or any other such sites and connect with sellers worldwide.

Hopefully, I have answered some of the very basic questions and will love to take some more up in the near future. So, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me or even leave a comment below and I assure you, I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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